Engines: The Chiller Engine

Finding it hard to make an FPS Horror Survival game in game maker? Well, it all just got easy! The Chiller Engine is the engine that made Run Classic, and lots of free indie games! What makes this engine so easy is that all the coding and programming has been worked out for you! All you have to do is edit the sprites, backgrounds, sounds, and maps! A sample menu and logo screen is also included. 

All of this is free!

The Chiller Engine is a free, open source game engine for game maker. It has been made to allow you to make FPS Horror games the easiest way possible. The only credits required is to keep the engine logo at the beginning of your game and keep the footer at the bottom of your game information. That's it! We are excited to see what you guys can make with this engine!

Making your own FPS horror game never became simpler! Download the Chiller Engine today!

If you need any assistance on your own game, contact on this website's forums! We will be there!
Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8
Requirements: Game Maker 8.0 Pro Version (8.1 will work too)

Made With The Chiller Engine

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